Service Catered to Your Needs


Annual Filings

It’s the year-end and I have to file my business return, where do I begin?

We help you stay in compliance with all your corporate, partnership, trust, and estate annual filings so you can focus on your business.

Quarterly Filings

Payroll tax, sales tax, commercial rent tax? Where do all of these forms come from?

Tax filings can be confusing, and tend to take up a lot of your time. Let us take care of it all!

Tax Planning

Is there a way to reduce my tax liability? It feels like I’m paying too much in taxes. Am I taking advantage of all the credits available to me?

Let us formulate a comprehensive tax plan for you so that you can be sure you are not paying more than you are supposed to.

New Business Formation

Corporations, partnerships, S-corps, limited liability companies; what are these? My head is starting to spin!

We will help you make the right decision when opening a new entity.

IRS Representation

The IRS sent me a letter, what do I do?

Not to worry, we have you covered. We can represent you in front of the IRS and local jurisdictions to get all of your issues resolved.


Full Charge Bookkeeping

The bank statement came in the mail today, now what?

At Tax Ace, we know the importance of keeping an accurate set of books. We will record all of your day to day transactions for you accurately and diligently, so that you can focus on growing your business.

Receivables/ Payables

I’m so busy that I don’t even have time to bill my clients!

We will do that for you. We will invoice your clients and write checks to your vendors to make sure your operation runs smoothly.


How do I know how much money to withhold from my employees?

We can handle the whole tedious payroll process for you. From HR services to cutting the weekly check, we got you covered. We can also set you up with a 3rd party payroll provider.

Financial Statements

My bank is asking me for my financial statements, where do I get them?

We compile financial statements for you. Bank loans are the lifelines of businesses, you can rest assured that when the bank requests information, we will be ready for it.


I have a workman’s compensation audit tomorrow, am I ready?

With Tax Ace, you are always ready to tackle any obstacles.